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Spanish musician / mixing engineer based in Cambridge, UK. Experience in rock & metal production, with several albums mixed and mastered. I also have previous experience assisting recordings in other studios in Spain (The Metal Factory [Madrid], 3 Monkys [Motril], La Caverna de Amores [Malaga], C&C Studios [Ceuta]), but, since the COVID pandemic, I have focused entirely on doing remote mixing.

I am going to mix and master your rock / metal song in a level that meets your needs. All the mix is done ITB (In The Box) with high quality plugins provided from the most important companies, ensuring a high quality final product.

Feedback is essential for achieving a win-win both for the artist as clients and for me as a professional. That said, I am very open to it as long as we keep the things to change and/or improve in a clear and concise way, just in order to avoid unnecessary delays and misunderstandings that can affect the turnaround of the final product.

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Polishing Raw Material

The first step in "cooking" your sound: obtaining a polished and ready-to-use raw material. These services include: quantization, track cleaning, vocal comping, pitch correction...



Cooking Your Sound

This is where the fun begins. I will take your tracks and mix and shape them to get the very essence of your work with all the tools I have at my disposal. It's time to give it the energy, emotion and sonic landscape that your work demands.



The Icing On The Cake

What is a product without its finishing touches and presentation? That final 5-10% that takes something from "good" to " superb"? This is where I put the last tweaks to bring your product up to par with the competition in the market.

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Liked what you have heard and are you interested in having me collaborating with your musical project?

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